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Mobile users are constantly looking for new apps and with over 3 million to cpimobi.com from, ASO has become more important than ever. Furthermore, App Store and Google Play algorithms rank the apps according to their titles and the keywords used in the titles. Both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store display screenshots more prominently than an app’s description. Often, you’ll have to adjust and tweak your keywords and the related app description as time goes on, taking note of what is more and less successful. The good news: there are further important factors that can increase the visibility of a mobile app in an cpimobi.com store. Recently, Apple announced that it will remove outdated and abandoned apps from its store with the goal being a massive clean up of all zombie apps that are polluting the app store and tainting user’s experience. cpi adnetwork Icon: believe it or not, the actual icon of the app does make a difference.

App store optimization (ASO) is the best way to increase your organic installs by showcasing your app’s features quickly and cpimobi.com Apple App Store is compared with Google Play Store in the number of available apps and the total number of downloads. The best strategy is to keep the app title as short as possible, so that searchers can read cpi adnetwork in its entirety. Keywords like md reviews” or hospital finder” would be better keywords because people would actually search for those keywords to find an app that helps them find the best local doctors.

This course is for those who are tired of digital app marketing experts” Zzz Zzz … for those that are bored of reading articles in TechCrunch, or feel like crying everytime they read the latest white paper about the app economy”. The next step is doing some market research to figure out exactly who can benefit the most from using your app. Before Apple began rejecting apps with longer, spammy” titles, app publishers may have seen a temporary spike in exposure for their app, but with the side effect of low acquisition rates, signaling to Apple that the app was not relevant for the search. Icons that are clean and contain only one central focus make it much easier to determine what the app is about. This is crucial, you want something that draws users in and stops them from scrolling past your app while browsing the app store.

After a thorough analysis of your keywords’ rankings (as well as your competitors’ rankings), select new keywords to replace the ones you’re not ranking. Drive 50% to your app page with the first icon, while sending the other 50% to an altered landing page that looks and functions exactly like the real one, except for one little detail: the hatless” character on the icon. I don’t mean your in-app localization (though it could be a worthwhile discussion as well) but localizing your name, icon and description in the store. ASO is based in part on Apple considering both product-page backlinks and overall page visits to determine your search visibility in the store.

  • I bet you already knew the importance of App store optimization, but I’m also sure that you learned something extra from this article.
  • You’ll get better ratings, though, if you time the prompt to pop up after a positive experience within the app rather than just when someone is about to close out of your app.
  • Before you proceed with App Store Optimization, let’s recap the things I’ve covered above and also allow me to add a few strong points that could boost your app’s performance.


The company has too many strict best cpi network for startup https://cpimobi.com for developers, while it’s easier and faster to get apps underway in the Google Play Market. This is usually the most important aspect to consider when picking a keyword (after relevance of the keyword for the given app). By optimizing your app’s metadata, you will increase your app’s authority in the App Store and position in the search results. As mentioned above, try targeting about 10 keywords and repeat them about 5 times each, combined with various other keywords. Their creative capabilities and devotion to ongoing optimization led to a very prominent spot in the app store. Draw people in with an eye catching opening paragraph, and then convince them to download your app by listing all the cool things your app can do.

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App Annie is one of the most well-funded tools with the biggest dataset and the best keyword search preview UI, however, it does not provide much in the way of. TUNE and Searchman both have many unique and useful features, like capturing significant, store-wide changes in rankings (TUNE), or optimizing keyword density in an app’s listing (Searchman), yet both often struggle with data accuracy.

This is a tool that focuses on helping you pick out the most important keywords for your ASO campaign and lets you look at what kind of competition you’ve got stacked against you so you can decide which keywords are the best to target and which ones might be best left alone. By drawing correlations between keywords used by different apps, chart rankings and estimated number of downloads, keyword analysis tools attempt to reverse engineer” app store algorithms and help you find the keywords that will improve your visibility in app store search. These gossips and news help us to tailor words that connect your apps to more varieties of people. Your title should capture the attention of your audience, giving them a punch-line about what to expect from the app. In Google Play Store you have 55 symbols for naming your app, while App Store provides 255 symbols.

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